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The naga chilli sauce fittingly named “Hot Headed” is one of the New Super and Extremely Hot Sauce that is absolutely mind blowing! Made with fresh fiery hot naga peppers originating from Bangladesh with a delicious blend of herb, spices and vinegar. Free delivery on all orders, it makes the perfect condiment for all your fried goodies especially this Ramadan. Explore the ultimate heat and flavour combination of Hungry Hijabi’s homemade, preservative free and additive free chilli sauce today.

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23 reviews for Hot Headed Naga Sauce

  1. Shabana (verified owner)

    Taste’s amazing, my new favorite sauce ?

  2. Sabera Ruhena (verified owner)

    This is a really spicy sauce, but it’s really good! My 12 year old said that it was spicy, but it’s still a delicious sauce. Everyone enjoyed this sauce and I’m sure that this will be great with a barbecue. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys naga. ❤️

  3. Fatima aka superb_muslimah (verified owner)

    This amazing naga sauce has the perfect blend of favour the heat, I used it as dip for samosa for iftar yummy and my son had it with chips thumbs up from him, which means it’s really good. I added it in my chicken burger it’s so delicious. It’s not over powering it just has that mouthing watering heat kick in the food I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend this naga sause to others.

  4. Yazmin (verified owner)

    This sauce is deliciously hot and spicy. It’s hot but full of flavour. I recommend that everyone gives it a try!

  5. humira ali (verified owner)

    love love love… so naga- fied, and just the right heat… the after tatse is just yum! its a must try….you wont be dissapointed. thanks hungry hijabi your aaamazing! masha’allah ta barakallah!

  6. Ridwana (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for this naga sauce to be released for ages and boy am I glad I got my hands on it! It almost has a slight sweetness in the beginning but then the heat sneaks up on you…such a burst of flavor. I’m so sad I only bought one! Need to grab a few bottles when they’re back in stock 🙂

    Long story short, absolute love this sauce!

  7. Maryam

    Yummy, fiery, delicious! Perfect accompaniment to so many dishes ?

  8. Ruksana (verified owner)

    Delicous and spicy. Love the smell of naga, so got me hooked when Hungry Hijaby said naga sauce.

  9. Shahaji Begum (verified owner)

    I ordered the naga sauce and the mixed curry powder- both were absolutely amazing! ? my husband loves the naga sauce and I think I’ll have to order again sooner than I though. As for the mixed curry powder- it is phenomenal Masha’Allah, I have no idea how Hungry Hijabi has perfected this mix but everything tastes so good when used. Best thing for me is I’ve used it alone with extra chilli powder and the curries taste delicious! Thank you for sharing Hungry Hijabi xx

  10. May (verified owner)

    Thought id try it cz of the hype but must say i didnt think id like it as much as i did.
    Really zaal.
    tastes great with fried food.
    My husband has almost finished the whole bottle in few wks.

  11. Jay (verified owner)

    Been waiting ages for this chilli sauce and the wait was definitely worth it! At first I didn’t find it that spicy and thought there was something wrong with my batch but damn it’s SPICY, but this isn’t just about the heat level the taste is amazing much better than the one I tried making myself. Defiently would recommend this to friends and family.

  12. Tarannum (verified owner)

    Just the perfect sauce to add that zing to your snack or meal!! You need to sell bigger packs! This will get over in no time!!

  13. Jaheda Uddin (verified owner)

    This sauce tastes absolutely amazing!!

  14. Alfina (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the sauce. It’s fiery and flavourful. The heat is perfect for me and I really enjoyed the taste. The naga smell is obvious and that’s my favourite part. Look forward to getting my next supllies soon.

  15. Bushra (verified owner)

    Absolutely love the naga sauce! I literally have with with everything! I add it to my pastas to give it that slight kick. You need to make bigger bottles of this!

  16. Hasina (verified owner)

    Sweet but spicy…tastes sooo good! A customer for life! ❤

  17. Fahmeda

    Since the beginning of my pregnancy all I’ve wanted was spicey food. I was salivating over photos hungry hijabi posted regarding the sauce and now that I’ve tried it… my God it’s amazing. I look for any excuse to have it with absolutely everything. Just shame that I’ve had to cut back due to heartburn ?

  18. Ruhi (verified owner)

    The naga sauce is what I expected and more! It’s absolutely delicious ? the flavour is sweet, spicy and so morish, it’s quite addictive! Love it

  19. Tanzina

    It didn’t taste as spicy the first time but the second time onwards…oh boy! I love putting dollops of this on anything and not only does it elevate the taste but it literally makes me cry tears of joy when the flavor and spiciness hits the taste buds. Packaging and shipment to USA were A+

  20. Sidra Khatun (verified owner)

    Hot Headed Naga Sauce been dreaming about it. Now Im so happy I got my hands on the Naga Sauce its Naga-fied Delicious and when you open the lid the smell of Naga sauce is so divine

  21. Sami (verified owner)

    I wanted to give it a couple days after recieving the sauce to give you an honest review. So my first impressions of the sauce was… it had a slight sweetness and a spicy after taste. It was good dont get me wrong but i think the bottle lid was the culprit when we took it off it let all the delicious tiny naga pieces come out which is what made my family ADDICTED we’ve taken it out the fridge 4 times and i always catch my younger brother lurking around the bottle ?? but all in all just wanted to thank you for creating a delicious sauce that makes the whole familys mouth water! We tend to unscrew the lid to get maximum flavour 🙂 And people IT DOES HAVE THE SATISFYING NAGA SMELL ???

  22. Fatima (verified owner)

    The Naga Sauce is spicy and deliciously mouthwatering ?x

  23. Jogonathphurcook

    This sauce is up there in my top 3 best sauces i swear by it ! Its packed full of real naga flavour you get a whiff of it when you open the lid! And you can taste every ingredient in the bottle its one of those sauces you can eat with everything! Lil neice had it with biryani and chips and loved it! We finished one bottle in a day as we have a big family allhamdhuilla deffo worth the hype?

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