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Chicken Masala Spice Mix


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Introducing my brand new Chicken Masala. This Chicken Curry Masala is the perfect blend of high grade spices for you to create your favourite classic chicken curry with an beautiful colour and exceptional taste. This spice mix is a specialised combination of tailormade spices, chosen in detail to give you that amazing chicken curry taste.
I’ve done all the hard work for you. With only 7 ingredients, ZERO additives, salt, preservatives or flavour enhancers, you can make the most delicious, aromatic, colourful and flavourful chicken curry using one spice blend. If you are a busy bee and need one blend created only for chicken curries then my Chicken Masala is going to spice up your chicken curries like never before! There is nothing like a freshly made spice mix to take your chicken dishes up a notch.


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