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Did you know that raw milk was the cure for those who are lactose intolerant? Sounds completely crazy right? Well guess what, its true.


Think about it how can something as precious as a cow, offer us milk and millions of people across the globe become intolerant to lactose?


The problem lays with milk itself. The process of pasteurisation and homogenisation kills off all the goodness in milk that it beneficial for our gut to function properly.


I have read numerous articles on how raw milk can be harmful to us and that it is considered ‘unfit’ and ‘unsafe’ for us to drink because of the bacteria and germs it could carry. Iv never heard of complete garbage in my life! How can something God created naturally, be so harmful to us?


My search, my desperate search began about 4 years ago when my son suffered from constant eczema and loose stools. I instantly put it down to lactose intolerance. I cut out all the wheat in his diet and realised it was not that. I then was sure that the dairy he was consuming was aggravating and upsetting his stomach. So, one week I completely removed the dairy and found that his symptoms had slightly reduced. I had read about raw milk and its benefits and so we tried it.


Little did I realise that within a month all his skin had cleared and his stools had improved back to normal. He didn’t have lactose intolerance either, however the nutrition he was receiving from raw milk was amazing.


The human consumption of raw milk is quite a controversial issue to so many people. I notice people err at it instantly. But its absolutely delicious. I have always enjoyed my full fat milk and cheese and butter and cream, so this was just right for my taste buds. Raw milk is very creamy. Its like the gold top milk you get from the top shelf at the supermarket but much more thicker and richer. Mmm I love the creamy bits at the top.


In comparison to normal whole milk it’s a lot more rich and yellow in colour. A lot of people I have spoken to love telling me they drink organic milk. Organic milk may be great as the cows are not injected with any hormones, however the milk is still pasteurised and so all the enzymes are still boiled off so essentially you have very little goodness left behind.


  • There is no processing
  • Compared to convention milk highly processed
  • All the organisms are boiled off
  • Cream is stripped off
  • Whole milk isn’t even whole milk
  • In the homogenised milk it oxidises the
  • Cholesterol in milk
  • Turn of the 20thcentury- raw milk stopped, looked down on, unhealthy cows, too watery.
  • Cows got tuberculosis diseases.



Then pasteurising came about. made milk drinkable. That’s how the changes happen and how people look at, milk. Few people raised cows with city life. We are still left with that legacy that raw milk is unsafe when it can actually be produced extremely safely.

Not all bacteria are bad. Our lives depend on bacteria. There are probably more bacteria in the world than people.


Ask a cow keeper, who have much more of an intimate relationship with cows, take care of the cows and their well being, well fed, well looked after. A lot of it is money and politics in the dairy industry and big dairy doesn’t want completion, swaying the media and governments. A large industry against a small farmer in support of raw milk. How do u have milk passed the expiration date and it still hasn’t turned sour? The smell hasn’t changed, and nor has it curdled, nor is it lumpy. That is just not normal of milk.


Great for training, recovery and growing new muscle because none of the proteins are cooked off. Remember cows are designed to eat grass. Not grain or corn! (which most cows eat today for commercial reasons). Boiling milk denature fats, proteins, vitamins, and good bacteria and healthy enzymes. That’s the difference between commercial dairy and grass fed cows.





The vast majority of milk we drink is pasteurized – heat-treated to kill off harmful pathogens. Raw milk, on the other hand, goes straight from udder to bottle. Fans call it milk as nature intended: nutrient-rich and full of probiotics, the good kind of bacteria.



  • Beneficial bacteria for the gut, essential food enzymes to help break down food in the body and help absorb milks calcium and sugars in milk.
  • The presense of lactase helps those who are sensitive to lactose better digest raw milk.
  • Natural vitamins and immunoglobulins to help stimulate and train your immune system particularlu vitamin A, K and E, C and B vitamins.
  • Richer in good trasfat which is essential to fight cancer, hypertention and obesity.
  • Help support farmers rather than big food operations.
  • No wastage. If you leave raw milk on your kitchen countertop overnight, the raw milk will turn into a rich, healthy probiotic yoghurt drink.



  • Any farmers market. If you log onto google and type up your area name + farmers market, a list will most definitely appear.
  • Borough Market
  • Stepney Green Market
  • Walthamstow Market
  • Online


  • Considering the high benefits of raw milk I believe its worth paying.
  • I have paid £2 for 2pints in average.


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