PATISHAPTA FATIBOLA CREPESBy Hungry HijabiIt was such a HIT, that i had to prepare them again. Its that Agave and Coconut combination, what a mind-blowing concoction!
KESKI MAS HUTKI SATNIBy Hungry HijabiA Bengali traditional dried fish satni that leaves you craving more and breathing fire...!
LEMONADE PAKORASBy Hungry HijabiCome and enjoy these imperfectly shaped, perfectly cooked and rustic looking vegetable pakoras with a crispy crunch... the best in town...!
CHICKEN PAKORABy Hungry HijabiKeep your friends close and your snacks CLOSER...!
FISH & SHATKORABy Hungry HijabiA classic Bengali Fish combination every Bengali cooks. Introducing the shatkora; the excelsior of the citrus fruits...
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