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CRISPY FRIED NOODLESBy Hungry HijabiForget the diet, its all about the love affair between eggs and fried noodles.
RICE ROTIBy Hungry HijabiHappiness comes in rice form; a bowl of rice or rice roti
CREAMY TUNA PASTA BAKEBy Hungry HijabiThere's a whole lot of fish in the sea, but this creamy tuna pasta bake is the one
THE PINK TOTTENHAM CAKEBy Hungry HijabiWhy is the Tottenham Cake pink? Spurs are a classic blue, my mind cannot fathom!!!
CHICKEN PEPPER UDON NOODLESBy Hungry HijabiUdon noodles are almost like edible worms. Its slurpiliciously, deliciously and squiggly YUM!
CHEESECAKE CREPESBy Hungry HijabiYou know that popular quote: When life gives you lemons; turn it into cheesecake crepes!!!
SPICY TUNA NUGGET PAKORASBy Hungry HijabiThese are unashamedly and satisfryingly good. So good they put chicken nuggets to shame...
TURKISH CHOPS & RIBSBy Hungry HijabiJuicy, succulent chops smothered in a simple marinade and cooked on a smoking' hot tawa pan!
COCONUT & LEMON SCONESBy Hungry HijabiWhy wait for afternoon tea for scones and cream when Sunday Morning can call for them too
TRIPLE CHILLI SPICY WEDGESBy Hungry HijabiThis firecracker of a wedge is absolutely delicious; it has your tastebuds craving another hot, spicy bite!
CARAMEL RICE PUDDINGBy Hungry HijabiMarried with clotted cream, an indulgent and moreish rice pudding to have ever been tasted...
PUNJABI SAMOSA FILLINGBy Hungry HijabiI LOVE THEM! I adore them! Its the pungent spices that bring the potato filling to life...
YUMMY CHICKEN JALFREZIBy Hungry HijabiThe first meal my husband ever made was his chicken jalfrezi. It had tasted so amazing...
EASY BENGALI FRIED FISHBy Hungry HijabiIf you have a heartbeat, always make time for an easy cook Bengali fried fish dish...
SAAG WITH PICOLLO TOMATOBy Hungry HijabiSpend some time being a vegan; with a simple, yet flavoursome dish worthy of being a main dish...
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