CHICKEN PEPPER UDON NOODLESBy Hungry HijabiUdon noodles are almost like edible worms. Its slurpiliciously, deliciously and squiggly YUM!
CHEESECAKE CREPESBy Hungry HijabiYou know that popular quote: When life gives you lemons; turn it into cheesecake crepes!!!
SPICY TUNA NUGGET PAKORASBy Hungry HijabiThese are unashamedly and satisfryingly good. So good they put chicken nuggets to shame...
HUNDESH FRIED PANCAKESBy Hungry HusbandTraditional and authentic Bengali , sweet deep- fried pancakes made from deep flavoured molasses ...
TURKISH CHOPS & RIBSBy Hungry HijabiJuicy, succulent chops smothered in a simple marinade and cooked on a smoking' hot tawa pan!
COCONUT & LEMON SCONESBy Hungry HijabiWhy wait for afternoon tea for scones and cream when Sunday Morning can call for them too
TRIPLE CHILLI SPICY WEDGESBy Hungry HijabiThis firecracker of a wedge is absolutely delicious; it has your tastebuds craving another hot, spicy bite!
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