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About Hungry Hijabi

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. I am Hungry Hijabi, the writer and recipe developer behind hungryhijabi.co.uk, a mostly bengali, kiddie food and British asian blog. My recipes stem from my absolute love of diverse foods and growing up watching an awful lot of television cookery programmes as well as endless date nights with my hubby before we settled down and had our children; the journey started again with kids and their foods. I now work from home and parent four delicious young children, and it’s hard to know which takes up more of my time, the children or the world of social media !!

What We Do

In the library with my boys, i will never skip the cookery section. Whilst doing my weekly shop at the supermarket i will never leave behind the food magazines or the world food sections or any aisles; in fact I’m one of those food addicts who never seems to be able to stick to a few items on the shopping list; it almost always becomes a shopping basket to a shopping trolley!

Im such a brand savvy shopper. i love my brands and i love experimenting with new products. I love combining my bengali food and giving it a British twist and that is why my friends have encouraged me to bring out my very own Bengali British blog!

About Hungry Hijabi

One minute i am enjoying a hot cuppa english tea (is it English, when i drink Assam tea) and next minute whata you know i am scoffing a plateful of Hundesh (mollies pancakes)! ?

Join me in my world of food and if you ever have any queries feel free to leave a comment below or email me

Eat healthy organically grown produce

Source as many products as you can from local farmers and artisans, helping to build a strong local food economy.

Eating local means better taste and supporting family farms

Produce that you purchase at your local farmer’s market has often been picked within 24 hours of your purchase.

Buying local food keeps us in touch with the seasons

By eating with the seasons, we are eating foods when they are at their peak taste, are the most abundant, and the least expensive.