February 8, 2018

No Bengali invite would be complete without the exquisite paste of blended dried hidol fish

  • 5 mins
  • 10 servings

Hello My Hungries,

Can you resist the temptation of fiery, hot dried fish paste? I sure can't! Its one of those dishes, that once you get going you end up eating a lot of rice! I am such a hutki lover. Oh and by the way it doesn't matter what you call it; hutki or shutki, same difference really. No Bengali / Sylheti invite would be complete without the inclusion of the tantalising and exquisite paste of blended dried hidol fish. With notes of charred garlic and charred shallot. I like to use shallot as it resembles Bangladeshi onions more but one small onion will be just fine if you cannot access shallot.  My mouth waters every time i think of this paste let alone every time i make it. I actually think, this is one of the most best dishes from Bangladesh and it sure is one of the best thing about being a Bengali.

Indeed it is very difficult to resist the temptation to dollop some of this paste on your plate. But as soon as we take a morsel we are reminded of how hot it really is. This paste can be kept frozen, but if like me and you never allow it to reach to the freezer, then cover in a well sealed container and keep in the fridge up to 2 weeks and enjoy everyday.

So make sure you always dine with a rather tall glass of chilled water 😛😛😛 but to be honest who needs water; just a whif of this hutki paste and you are guaranteed pure satisfaction.  Now if you can take the heat, give this recipe a go and comment below if you did enjoy it.


15 Pieces Hidol Shutki

1 Shallot

10-15 Garlic Cloves

10-15 Green Chillis

3 tsp Chilli Powder

1 tbsp Vegetable Oil

1/2 tbsp Fine Sea Salt

2 tbsp Fresh Coriander

1-2 tbsp Water (optional)


1Wash and scales all the idol pieces. I find the easiest way to do this is by holding the tail, under a running tap, and running your fingers down the fish from tail to head.

2Add idol into your blender. If you have a powerful blender you will not need water in this recipe.

3In a hot tawa, add garlic and shallot and char until brown. You do not want them to turn black or else it will leave a bitter flavour.

4No add all the ingredients to the blender: shallot, garlic, green chillis, chilli powder, oil, salt and coriander.

5Blitz all the contents until you achieve a perfect paste.

6Remember, water is optional. If your ingredients are not blending into a paste you can add a little water slowly.

7You can reduce the number of chillis and chilli powder if you prefer a milder flavour.

8If you want a pure red colour, skip the coriander and reduce the number of green chillis OR skip the green chillis altogether and add chilli powder only, according to taste.

9ENJOY 🙂 with a hot plate of rice.


4 Reviews

Hungry Hijabi

March 20, 2018

Many Thanks


March 7, 2018

So nice.

Hungry Hijabi

February 8, 2018

Alhumdulilah! That is such great news and congratulations to you both! Hope Hungry wife will crave some more so you can make it again 🙂


February 8, 2018

Salam sister, thank you for posting this recipe. I made it for my pregnant wife who was craving it and she said it was AMAZING! I cannot thank you enough Mashallah!

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